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Tsunami on the coastal area
The tsunami incident which happened on 26 December 2004 involved 18 countries. It was triggered by an earthquake measuring nine on the Richter scale in the Indian Ocean north of the Sumatran Island, Indonesia and has claimed thousands of lives and damaged properties including in Malaysia.






Impact on Coastal Mangrove Forests

Tsunami inpacts

The areas shielded by mangrove and nipah palm forests received minimal destructible impact from the huge tidal wave which hit several villages at the northern shores of Peninsular Malaysia. The existence of mangrove wetlands, which serves as a barrier or buffer zone against the fury of huge waves, has helped save some houses and fishing boats which are kept and tied in river basins. The mangrove and nipah palm forests have helped reduce the devastating impact of tsunamis and coastal storms.



Effects of Tsunami in Every States

State of Kedah:

Tsunami effects in Kuala Muda

The state of Kedah was one of the states that experienced the worst of the tsunami effects in terms of its socio-economy. The areas involved were the Kuala Muda and Langkawi Island. 12 people were killed and 27 more were injured in Kuala Muda while in Langkawi only one was killed by the tsunami. The livelihood of 4,100 fishermen and 114 farmers were affected and they have also suffered loss due to the tsunami incident.




State of Penang:

Tsunami effects in Pantai Tanjung Tokong

In Penang, the affected areas were along the coast of Balik Pulau, Pasir Panjang, Teluk Bahang, and Batu Feringgi. It was found that the mangrove forest areas did not experience any destruction except for a minimal effect on the saplings of "Lenggadai", "Nyireh" and others which were affected by the tidal wave and current that flooded the forest areas. It was reported that 52 people were killed while 206 others were injured in Penang and thus recorded as the highest fatality in Malaysia due to the tsunami incident. A total of 2,486 fishermen and 86 farmers suffered loss in the aftermath of the tsunami.


State of Perak:

The state of Perak did not experience the damaging effects of the aftermath of the tsunami whether damages in terms of the infrastructure or towards the number of mangrove trees on the coastal area but the incident has claimed three lives.


State of Perlis

Although the state of Perlis is located near the occurrence of the tidal waves in the coastal area of Phuket, Thailand, this coastal area of Perlis only experienced a much smaller effect compared to the coastal area of Phuket. This may be due to its location which is sheltered by Langkawi Island. No loss of life or injuries were reported while the livelihood of 409 fishermen and a farmer were affected as a result of the tsunami incident.



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